Once upon a time, I purchased a Living Well Planner®.  Ever since, I bring my planner with me to all my appointments.  I quickly found I needed more pocket space for papers as well as a way to carry color-coded pens. I also wanted to be able to keep my planner closed so the pages didn’t continue to get bent, and I needed to easily locate pages with bookmarks. (Okay, so I am a bit of a perfectionist. Everything has to be just so, and in its place, and those bent pages really bothered me – sigh.)  After fussing over all this for a bit I decided something had to be done - and the Living Well Planner® cover prototype was born. My husband, Joe, thought the design was so amazing and it had to be shared. The prototype was perfected and high-quality materials were introduced to my design.  After a short time, I added the Classic Happy Planner® cover to my inventory to fulfill additional customer requests.  I then added Zipper Charms to the inventory because, well, how much fun are they?!  I am always eager to hear from current or future customers, so be sure to send me a message and let me know what you want to see!

- Chrissy Kihm


Chrissy Kihm

My Etsy shop gives me purpose. The popular quote, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade,” is the motto for my life.  Lucky for me, I really like lemonade!  Without going into details, I am a survivor, but my health simply no longer allows for the rigidity of Corporate America.  Thankfully, I was born crafty.  Making planner covers when I am able gives me something to look forward to between doctor appointments. I love making custom covers using the fabric customers select, designing new cover patterns, and reading customer reviews.  I am the mastermind behind all the Planner Cover designs, picking fabrics, sewing, and managing Social Media, Blog, and Etsy accounts.

Joe Kihm

Co-owner of Milkman’s Garage, Joe established our Etsy Shop in conjunction with his longtime eBay business.  

In addition to being the founder, he is the “Master Cutter,” the man who cuts all that fabric.  He does all the heavy lifting, a lot of the ironing, takes pictures of the finished products, and has the hard job of keeping Chrissy in check – she wants to buy ALL the fabric if you know what I mean. Together this power team makes Milkman’s Garage run like a well-oiled machine!